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Good Morning Everyone!
It’s nice weather for ducks today!  If your little one loves puddles as much as our little duck, why not try this idea, recently shared via Facebook, for some rainy day fun!
All you need to do is gather a range of different sized containers and encourage your little one to find a spot outside where the rain can splish, splash into them.  We used our doorstep.
Later, bring the containers back inside and have hours of fun pouring the rain from one container into the other.  You could also use other utensils to transfer the rain: teaspoons, big spoons, funnels.  Do be prepared for spills, but it’s great fun and practice for your little one!
If your little one is older they might also like to guess which container holds the most rain.  They could try to measure the amount held in each one.  It’s a lovely way to introduce some new measuring vocabulary, words like ‘less,’ ‘most’ and ‘volume.’
Happy pouring!  From the Family Time Tips Team via Little Owls Community Pre-school

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