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Stop 🛑Go 🟢 Game

Good Morning Everyone!
Here’s a fun activity to get your little one moving on these chilly, wintry days. Plus, it’s a great way to introduce simple instructions, new vocabulary, and colour recognition whilst also encouraging your little one to listen carefully.
Firstly, create some ‘traffic lights’ together.  Next, use some card or paper (the inside of an old cereal packet works well) to make red, orange and green circles and cut each one out.  Now explain to your little one that red means ‘stop/freeze’, orange is ‘get ready’ and green is ‘go’!
Encourage different types of movement (skipping, jogging on the spot, crawling, giant strides, little steps, hopping) as you hold up the relevant circle.  Then swap over, so your little one gives you the instructions.
Happy Exercising!  From the Family Time Tips Team via Little Owls Community Pre-school

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