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SPUD-tastic 🥔

Happy Monday Everyone!

We thought we’d start the week with this SPUD-tacular idea for a game that can be played inside or out.  All you need are a couple of large potatoes and two bowls or buckets to catch them in.

First, decide with your little one on the places to start and finish your potato drop race and place the two bowls or buckets at the finish line.    Then, standing at the start, give your little one a potato to hold, not in their hands but between their knees.  Don’t be a spec-TATER!  If you join in, your little one can see how it’s done.   Keeping the potato between your knees walk towards the finishing line.  Finally, once you are as near to the bowl or bucket as possible, open your knees and drop the potato in.

If the potato is dropped along the way, or if hands touch it, go back to the start and try again.  See who can ‘potato drop’ the quickest!

Have a s-MASH-ing time!

From the Family Time Tips Team via Little Owls Community Preschool

(With thanks to Push2Play for the inspiration and Freepic for the image)

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