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Pancakes 🥞

Flip, flop and fly!

Does your little one love pancakes?

Today, why not create your own ‘pretend pancakes’ for a hide and seek game?    All you need is some cardboard (an empty cereal packet will do), some colouring pencils or crayons, some scissors and something circular to draw around such as an upside-down mug.    Using your colouring pencils, encourage your little one to decorate their ‘pancakes’ with healthy toppings.  They might like to draw strawberries on the top of some and then bananas on the others.  The game will work as long as they draw at least two different toppings.    Next, help them to carefully cut out their ‘pancakes.’  Then, take turns to hide the different pancakes around your home.  See who can find all the strawberry ones or banana ones?  Who can find the most?

To finish off your pancake fun, here’s a wonderful story about Mr Wolf, who tries very hard to make pancakes:

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