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Ouch Lava🌋

Good Morning Everyone!

After the cold weather we had before half term and then the warm weather we had at the end of February, why not try this game at home either turn up the heat in your homes or enjoy the warmth outside by playing the fun, physical game ‘Floor is Lava’?

One option is to set up an obstacle course using different items of furniture such as chairs, cushions or small tables or alternatively items you can put on the ground outside i.e. hoops, recycling paper/cardboard .

Your little one must make their way across it, without touching the dangerous ‘lava’ floor.  Can they go forwards then backwards without putting their feet down?     The other way to play is a bit like musical statues.  Play music to your little one so they move around on the floor and then when the music stops, shout ‘floor is lava!’  At that point they must move quickly to a safe spot, away from the floor, so they cannot be caught.

Don’t get burnt!  From the Family Time Tips Team via Little Owls Community Preschool

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