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Hello Everybody!
Whilst we were rummaging through the household recycling looking for tubes yesterday, an idea came to mind.  Today, why not make some junk monsters, like this one?
First, encourage your little one to find and sort some reusable items from your recycling: boxes, tubes, containers, bits and bobs.  Try to find things that are different sizes and colours.
Then have fun joining, sticking, cutting, gluing, painting, decorating, balancing, twisting , turning, looking and thinking.  What fantastical junk creature has your little one created?  Do send us a picutre of your monster for our gallery!
You can also follow this link for some more fun recycling ideas:
Happy Monster Making!  From the Family Time Tips Team via Little Owls Community Pre-school
(With thanks to the Royal Academy for the photo and inspiration)

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