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Good Morning Everyone!
Matching is an important maths skill for your little one to learn.  So why not try this lovely idea, matching different objects to their outlines?
Together with your little one, collect lots of familiar and favourite things from around your home.  Place them onto a piece of paper large enough (or join several pieces together) for you to carefully draw around their outlines.
Then, remove the objects from the paper, mix them up and see if your little one can match the objects back to the shapes drawn.
Don’t forget to encourage your little one to say the names of the objects out loud as they match them.  To make it harder and to encourage your little one to learn new words, add in an unfamiliar object so that they learn its name.
With thanks to SavyBabyActivities for the video!


Happy Matching!  From the Family Time Tips Team via Little Owls Community Pre-school

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