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Last week at preschool we………

Enjoyed some rainy day splashing in colourful puddles, we added some paint into the puddles to make it extra fun.

We got out the video cameras and filmed the children playing throughout the day, and we then had “cinema time” in the afternoon and the children really loved watching the video of themselves on the big screen. Pointing all their friends out was a big hit.

Some of the children were playing with the ramps, tubes and guttering, rolling the balls down.

After a pretend sneeze by one of our children, the doctors kit put in an appearance and caused great delight. Sharon was given a thorough check-up and then told to “go to sleep” and surprised the children when she woke up.

Whilst playing hop scotch outside, the discovery of ice in the garden created the opportunity for us to stamp and break it with our little feet and dropping it to the ground to smash up. So we added some ice cubes and mixed it up with some colourful chalk.



On Friday afternoon we gathered around the big screen and really enjoyed an online Yoga class with Emma Baldwin. The children really enjoyed all the stretching.

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