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Imagine that!!!

Good Morning Everyone!
We love this fanta-stick idea to help develop your little one’s imagination using nothing more than a stick, some paper, sticky tape and something to draw with.
But why not start with a story to fire up your little one’s creativity?  Just click on the link to hear ‘Not a Stick’ by Antoinette Portis:
So, if you haven’t been on a stick or twig hunt recently, today’s the day!  When you’re out and about, encourage your little one to gather some twigs or sticks to bring home.  Then, when you’re home, spread them out and look at the shapes.  Do any of them look like something else?  Together, use your imaginations to turn the sticks into something that’s “not a stick”.  Maybe a boat, an animal, a monster or a wand?

Your little one might like to place their stick on to paper, fix it with tape and then draw around the stick turning it into something else.  Or why not try decorating their stick?  They could paint it, stick stuff onto it, wrap bits and bobs around it, or wind wool, ribbons, strips of paper or fabric around and around it!