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Hugs 🤗

Hello Everybody!

Sometimes when your little one experiences big feelings, they can become overwhelmed.  These feelings can be so hard to cope with, especially when they haven’t yet got the words to explain what’s wrong.    Finding effective ways to help your little one to recognise those moments can be a daily challenge!

Maybe the Hug Jar will help?  Like a Calm Down Bottle, it’s a tool to support your little one with their feelings.    All you need is a jar or container, paper or card, and scissors.  First, create lots of hearts to fill your container!  Then, when you or your little one feels upset, take a heart out of the jar and give it to the person you’d like a hug from.  It’s a way of signaling that it’s time to stop for a moment and share some special time together.

Have a Hug-tastic day!  From the Family Time Tips Team via Little Owls Community Pre-school     (With thanks to the Homegrown Friends website for the inspiration)

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