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Hello Everyone!

We thought we would share with you this lovely book about friendship: ‘Betty and the Yeti’ by Ella Burfoot.  It has some great rhymes throughout.  Can your little one spot them as you share the story together?

Here’s the link:

Afterwards, why not play a fun family game using the clothes that Betty finds in the story?  Can your little one remember what they were?

You’ll need some gloves, a hat, some boots or shoes, a scarf, a coat and dice to roll.  The more people playing the game, the better, but it can be played with just two.  You might also need different sized clothing, depending on who is playing!

Sit on the floor together and place the items of clothing in front of you.  Say ‘ready, steady, go’ and the first player tries to put on as many of the clothes as possible, while the other players take it in turns to roll the dice.

If someone rolls a 6 then the person putting on the clothes has to stop, take them all off and the next player has a turn at putting them on.  The winner is anybody who manages to put on all of the items of clothing before someone rolls a 6.

What a clothing calamity!

Have fun!  From the Family Time Tips Team via Little Owls Community Pre-school

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