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Family Fun Tips – Online Storytime

Brrrrr!  Keeping your little one warm can be a challenge in the awful weather we are having, especially keeping their mittens on!
We love this traditional story about a little boy’s lost mitten.  Why not snuggle up and enjoy Jan Brett, reading her version?    How does the mitten stretch and stretch to fit so many animals?  First a little mole goes in, then the rabbit, then the hedgehog, then another and another…    The story is such a lovely way to introduce and explore some mathematical concepts:    Number – Can your little one count how many animals sheltered in the glove?    Pattern – Why not find all the gloves and mittens you might have at home and encourage your little one to sort the matching pairs?    Size – Why not compare the size of each other’s gloves?  Whose is the biggest?  How many objects can your little one fit inside their glove?  Which glove will hold the most?
Have a maths-tastic time!
From the Family Time Tips Team via Little Owls Community Pre-school

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