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Egg and Spoon

Good Morning Everyone!

Welcome to Spring! Why not help your little one to develop their balance and hand eye coordination – important skills to master – with a twist on the classic egg and spoon game?

All you need are some different sized spoons, from teeny-tiny teaspoons to large serving spoons (whatever you have to hand) and some fruit, for example tangerines, apples or bananas. Alternatively, instead of fruit you could use or a small cuddly toy or even a rolled-up sock – anything that will balance on the spoon. Firstly, find a space inside or out where your little one can safely walk in a straight line towards you, because you are the finishing line! Next, choose a spoon and balance an object on it. Ask your little one to hold the spoon with two hands and then, when youre a little distance away, encourage them to walk slowly towards you.

By walking slowly, they begin眩o focus皋n their movements, developing a deeper awareness of their body, how it moves, reacts and how they can control it.

Oops! Did the object fall off? Just encourage them to pick it up and continue until they reach their prize – a cuddle from you!

Then do it all again, only this time with just one hand holding the spoon, or with a different sized spoon or a different object.

To make it more challenging, you could also encourage your little one to add some twirls into their walk or put some cushions on the floor for them to very carefully step over. They could try walking backwards as they keep balancing their object on the spoon. Warning: this game can go on for hours!

Happy Balancing! From the Family Time Tips Team via Little Owls Community Pre-school.

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