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Easter Activities

Hi All​

Here are a couple of activities you may want to try over the Easter Holidays.  Hope you all have fun.

Easter Fishing Game 

An Easter twist to a traditional ‘hook-a-duck’ game that encourages creativity, numerical skills and dexterity. All you need is the following:

A Paper Plate
Coloured Card
Felt Pens
Patterned Paper/Gift Wrap
Paper Clips
Wooden Skewers or Lolly Sticks

To make the Easter fishing game

  1. Draw the chicks bodies and egg shapes (like in the featured image) onto coloured card and cut out. Glue cut out wings and beaks to the chicks.
  2. Glue strips of pattered paper to decorate the eggs or draw patterns with felt pens.
  3. Write or print out some big numbers onto white paper. Cut them out and glue onto the Easter shapes.
  4. Unfold some paperclips into ‘S’ shapes, then tape onto the back of each shape. Bend the top of the paperclips so they stand up.
  5. To make the fishing rods, cut 2 x 30cm lengths of thread or thin wool. Tie them around the ends of 2 wooden skewers. Tie the other ends around 2 paperclips.

How to Play
Take turns to hook up the shapes, adding up the numbers for each one you catch. The winner is whoever scores the highest!

Easter Wreath 

Enjoy putting together this easy to make decorative Easter wreath. Children will enjoy decorating each individual egg using whatever they desire. All you need is the following:

Paper Plate
Coloured Card
Glitter Card
Easter-themed Shapes, Sequins, Plastic Jewels etc.
Any Additional Decorations
Hole Punch
Thin Ribbon
Glue/Glue Dots/Glue Gun

To make an Easter Wreath

  1. Use scissors to cut out the centre of the paper plate. The leftover ring of card will become the wreath.
  2. Take a selection of coloured and glitter card and cut the card into egg shapes.
  3. When finished, glue the ovals around the wreath. It will look like a ring of Easter eggs. Let the glue completely dry. If you are in a hurry, attach the ovals with glue dots or a glue gun.
  4. Use a hole punch to make two holes in the top of the wreath. Cut a length of thin ribbon and thread it through the holes. Knot the ribbon ends to make a hanging loop.
  5. Add a variety of decorations such as Easter-themed shapes, sequins or colourful plastic jewels
Have a wonderful Easter from everyone at Little Owls Community Preschool

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