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Copy Cat 😊😺

Good Morning Everyone!

Today, why not play a game of ‘Physical Copycat’?

This can be played with your little one either inside or outside and not only helps them to be active, but also helps their memory and sequencing skills.   Make up a little sequence of physical actions and encourage your little one to watch you.  You might stand up from a seated position, march on the spot, jump up and down and then sit down again.  Can your little one replicate your sequence?    Then, swap over and have your little one demonstrate a sequence of moves for you to copy.   The game can be made as easy or as hard as you want.  You might start off with just two moves in your sequence, building it up as you go to include more.  Or, with older children, you might suggest that they count how many hops, jumps, kicks, you put into your sequence and ensure they do the same.

Happy Copying!  From the Family time Tips Team via Little Owls Community Preschool.   (With thanks to the Kids Love to Know and ParentHub Australia websites for the images)

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