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Hi Good Morning Everyone!
Feeling a little bowled over by all this wintry weather?  Why not stay home in the warm and enjoy some indoor bowling fun!     To create your own skittles all you need are cardboard tubes, scissors, some glue, paint, pens, shiny bits and bobs, scraps of paper or whatever you have to hand.      No glue?  Not a problem, just mix up a little flour and water to make a paste.  It works a treat!  Finally, a rolled-up sock makes a great little ball, or you may already have one of your own to use.

Encourage your little one to decorate the tubes, then once dry, line them up and roll your ball.  Try and knock down as many as you can and whoever knocks down the most, wins.

Why not number each of the skittles, then as your little one rolls the ball and knocks one over, name the number on it?  This will help your little one to begin to recognise number names and their written form.
Happy Skittling!  From the Family Time Tips Team via Little Owls Community Pre-schoool
(With thanks to the Thrive360Living and PreemieMomTips websites for the pictures)

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