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Welcome to our Blog Space “Little Hoot. We hope that by visiting us regularly you will get a sense of what we are all about at Little Owls Community Preschool.

Dinosaur Day 🦕🦖

Today the children were looking at a factual book all about dinosaurs.

They then asked for the chalk and a tape measure to draw a dinosaur as big as 7 metres tall, and then wanted an adult to chalk around them while they lay on the floor next to the dinosaur chalk print to see how “big” it would be next to their own chalk prints.

The photo of the outcome is fabulous 😀🦖




Happy Summer Half Term 🌞🌻

Happy Summer Half Term break everyone.

We look forward to seeing you and hearing about all your adventures when we return to preschool on Monday 7th June.

Look out for the fun activities we have planned for the last half of the Summer Term 👀

Stay happy and safe, 

From all the Little Owls Community Preschool Team 

Pass it on
Happy Friday Everyone!

This weekend, why not try and spread a bit of happiness with your little one by snuggling up and sharing this book by Sophie Henn?  It’s called ‘Pass It On’.

Afterwards, why not try a few of the ideas in the book and then talk about the lovely things you and your little one were able to ‘pass on’?

Was it something terrific?  A smile, a chuckle, a hum or a hug?  Or did they spot something wonderful?  Was something passed back to them?

Pass on a Happy Weekend!  From the Family Time Tips Team via Little Owls Community Pre-school

(With thanks to Dreami Education for the clip)

Let make fruit fun 🍉🍊🍌🍍🍒🍓🍐🍏

Hello Everyone

Finding fun ways to introduce your little ones to a wider variety of fruits and new tastes can be a real challenge.

With hopefully warmer weather on the way fruit kebabs are one great way to introduce new fruits – putting familiar tastes next to a new fruit!

Happy experimenting

From everyone at Family Fun Time Tips via Little Owls Community Preschool.
Imagine that!!!
Good Morning Everyone!
We love this fanta-stick idea to help develop your little one’s imagination using nothing more than a stick, some paper, sticky tape and something to draw with.
But why not start with a story to fire up your little one’s creativity?  Just click on the link to hear ‘Not a Stick’ by Antoinette Portis:
So, if you haven’t been on a stick or twig hunt recently, today’s the day!  When you’re out and about, encourage your little one to gather some twigs or sticks to bring home.  Then, when you’re home, spread them out and look at the shapes.  Do any of them look like something else?  Together, use your imaginations to turn the sticks into something that’s “not a stick”.  Maybe a boat, an animal, a monster or a wand?

Your little one might like to place their stick on to paper, fix it with tape and then draw around the stick turning it into something else.  Or why not try decorating their stick?  They could paint it, stick stuff onto it, wrap bits and bobs around it, or wind wool, ribbons, strips of paper or fabric around and around it!