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🤗 Hugs !!!!

Hello Everyone!

As we get closer to being able to give everyone a big hug again why wait when we can take some time now to help your little one to thank all the wonderful people who love and look after them?  Sending them a hug and a heart will really make them smile!   All you need to do is encourage your little one to lay down on a large piece of paper (some old wallpaper might do) with their arms outstretched.  Draw around their outline and help your little one to decorate it.   Then, when they have finished decorating, ask your little one to carefully cut out their outline and fold in the arms to create a hug.   Don’t forget to add a heart with a little message to make it extra special!

Happy Hugging!

From the Family Time Tips Team via Little Owls Community Preschool.   (With thanks to the Kids Activities Blog for the photos and inspiration)

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